Canned Cream of California State Employee

What with the State furloughs, the layoffs, the increased payroll deductions, and the freeze on promotions and hiring, does anyone else think that it’s ironic that the 2010 poster for the California State Employee Food Drive features canned California State Employee Soup? 

I understand the four Campbell’s Soup can look-a-likes are meant to parody paintings by the late pop artist Andy Warhol, but the irony is overwhelming, don’t you think?  I guess it was somebody’s attempt to put a happy face on a dismal situation. It doesn’t work for me.  The irony is too great. Make mine vegetarian vegetable soup. 

Seriously, all kidding aside, times are tough and tougher if you’re not working or can’t find enough work to support your family.  So as we fast approach the Winter Solstice, it’s important to give generously of your time, treasure and spirit to those in need through whatever means you prefer:   service club, faith organization, employee group or other charitable organization. 

Happy Holidays.


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Hydrologist Clay Brandow has water on his mind most of the time, but now is seeking other diversions. Dear reader I'd love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment or two. It's easy.
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One Response to Canned Cream of California State Employee

  1. great holiday post! yeah canned state workers = not so funny

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