Klinger and the Konocti Challenge 2011

2011 Konocti Challenge -- Rest Stop #5 -- "Klinger" and Clay

So Saturday, October 1, 2011, I rode the Konocti Challenge, a bike ride sponsored by the Lakeport Rotary Club. I rode the 65 mile course around Clear Lake. Other friends rode the 100 mile course or the 40 mile course.

Each of the Rest Stops is sponsored by a Lake County service organization and has a theme. Various service clubs complete for most popular Rest Stop. Cash prizes are awarded to the service clubs from the ride proceeds to be donated to their favorite charitable causes.

Rest Stop #5’s theme was M.A.S.H. Unit #4077, complete with a golf club wielding Colonel Blake and a rifle toting Corporal Klinger dressed in traditional whites and nursing cap as a female nurse.

I told the photographer there that my daughter, Chloe, had just started med school in Arizona and I needed to send her a picture of me with “Max Klinger.” She obliged and here is the result.

As I was leaving the Rest Stop, Klinger removed his cigar and commented, “Say, you said your daughter just started medical school? Well tell your daughter that ‘Klinger’ is an orthopedic surgeon.”

You meet the most interesting people in Rotary.

About colorfulclay

Hydrologist Clay Brandow has water on his mind most of the time, but now is seeking other diversions. Dear reader I'd love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment or two. It's easy.
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2 Responses to Klinger and the Konocti Challenge 2011

  1. David Seiler says:

    clay! she obliged ahahahahah! rotary folk are great!

  2. enjoyed your postcard, now I gotta plan a MASH party I guess……

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