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Homer and the Change Can

Plink, plank, plunk … the nuts, bolts, washers and screws all made different sounds as Homer dropped an armload of stuff on the hardware store checkout counter. “That’s quite a selection of stuff you got there, Homer,” said Jennifer the helpful hardware … Continue reading

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What’s in your wallet?

Did you hear about the recent bank heist in Davis where the bandit was refused service because the plastic bags he brought to carry away the loot were not the re-useable type? The frustrated robber argued that Nugget plastic grocery … Continue reading

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Clay vs. Clayton

My given name is Clay, not Clayton, not Claiborne, nor any of number longer, more formal variants. When I was in Kindergarten and learning to write my name, my teacher, Miss Manina, insisted my name was Clayton and that my … Continue reading

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Déjà vu Shed: Ten Watershed Management Lessons Learned

“We don’t make many mistakes; we just make the same ones over and over again.” noted hydrologist Dave Rosgen is fond of saying. I couldn’t agree more. Ever get a sinking feeling that working in watershed management, in the immortal … Continue reading

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Klinger and the Konocti Challenge 2011

So Saturday, October 1, 2011, I rode the Konocti Challenge, a bike ride sponsored by the Lakeport Rotary Club. I rode the 65 mile course around Clear Lake. Other friends rode the 100 mile course or the 40 mile course. … Continue reading

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Any Puzzler in a Clutch: VW Bug Mystery Story

Dear Tom & Ray (aka Click and Clack)— Recently you were answering a question about clutches and that reminded me of a story that might make a good puzzler. It’s historic and folkloric, and familial. It involves my brother Paul, … Continue reading

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IT Guy profits from Governor’s Cell Phone Order

So it did not take long for a sharp IT guy to figure-out how to profit from Governor Brown’s Executive Order instructing state workers to turn in their cell phones. State computer specialist Mr. I.M. Smartizell immediately turned in his … Continue reading

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