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UC Davis / Wilderness Love Story

Note: Brooke and I met forty (40) years ago this week on 10/10/1974.    Ms. Stephanie Towne, class of 2011, a writer and publications assistant with the Cal Aggie Alumni Association asked me the following three questions for a project … Continue reading

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What’s in your wallet?

Did you hear about the recent bank heist in Davis where the bandit was refused service because the plastic bags he brought to carry away the loot were not the re-useable type? The frustrated robber argued that Nugget plastic grocery … Continue reading

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It’s not about the Domes

Note: This was originally written for Bob Dunning’s 2012 contest: “Replace the above pictured columnist (aka Bob Dunning of The Davis Enterprise).” Twenty-one years ago I wrote in this space about organizing a twenty year reunion of the folks who … Continue reading

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Dome Summer of 1972

Dome of Summer 1972 Here is a little slide show on our dome building summer of 1972 at what became the Baggins End Community on a little corner of the UC Davis campus. I used this PowerPoint when talking to … Continue reading

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Save the domes for the COFIEs

(Davis Enterprise, Letter to the Editor, March 17, 2011) As a UC Davis student in 1972, I had the unforgettable experience of helping to build the domes. I lived there until I graduated in 1975. That experience of self-reliance and … Continue reading

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Note:  This piece started out as a short, light-hearted, Thanksgiving letter to the editor about my octogenarian neighbor’s porta-piles and Davis Waste Removal’s (DWR’s) attempt to pick up said brush piles. Paul Hart, owner/operator, of DWR told me my letter … Continue reading

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